Individual and Flexible

We take on the challenge of meeting a variety of creative and architectural styles constantly reconfiguring and further developing our range of clinker bricks. Janinhoff considers itself a competent partner working closely with architects and builders in selecting the ideal customised brick and, if necessary, developing and producing new ones. Architects benefit in particular from our expertise, individual and customised expert advice, prompt decisions and innovative strength.

Traditional and Modern

A challenge for the future is a solution to contradiction between modern wall construction and the use of proven materials and designs. This is an important challenge, therefore Janinhoff has incorporated it into their corporate philosophy as "Traditional and Modern".

Sustainable and Efficient

Generally, brick is considered to be one of the most environmentally-friendly construction materials - from its production from natural resources to its durability, it has a significant share in sustainable building. We at Janinhoff are seriously committed to making every effort to meet ecological requirements in our production process. We are concerned about a good interaction of environmental and social aspects on the one hand and a high profitability and efficiency on the other.

Learn more about our measures we have put in place to ensure a healthy environment on our production site.