Circular kiln range

Authentic and varied

Fired in a traditional circular brick kiln, these bricks are available in a wide range of blends and colours.
We cultivate traditional methods and techniques to give each brick its own individual beauty. The composition of different clay blends and basic material as well as an established firing expertise is the basis for quality control of this charismatic clinker brick. 

There is an increased demand for Clinkers manufactured in circular kilns. This is most certainly due to their lively appearance and the current trend for authentic materials. These elaborately crafted elements have a distinctive appearance and their own unique character.

This product is available initially in 8 different sizes:
Normal size NF 240 x 115 x 71 mm
Thin size DF 240 x 115 x 52mm
Dutch size WF 210 x 100 x 50mm
UK size 215 x 102 x 65mm
Format old RF 250 x 120 x 65mm
Special size SF 290 x 115 x 40 mm
Special size SF 290 x 115 x 52mm
The circular kiln range is also available in long formats by 490 x 115 mm as well as clinker slips
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