Welcome at Janinhoff Klinker Manufaktur in Münster

Founded in 1907 as a brick manufacturer, Janinhoff Klinkermanufaktur has been producing bricks, clinkers as well as blocks and facing bricks for three generations.




Please find our latest Projects with water-struck bricks in our submenu "Architecture". Projects like East Village  and  Parish Hall in Frankfurt or  the  Neues Wallufer in Lübeck   reflect the variety of possible applications.  
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Clinker slips

New or renovated buildings - flat clinker slips that are just 1.5 cm thick are best suited to facades or wall facing for external or internal use. Manufactured from natural materials using resources as efficiently as possible, they have the same qualitative properties as solid clinker bricks.

Clinker Slips

steam-reduced bricks

As a result of current market demand, Janinhoff has produced a special assortment of grey finishes within its range. During this reduction firing the brick acquired a light grey to black colouring. The colouring is not just visible on the surface, it extends right through. In this way, the variety offered by the basic colours leads to countless shades of grey spanning the entire range of the much sought-after grey to black hues. Choose from our range...



Brick range

classic from the circular kiln

Unmistakable appearance, beautiful and individual...



circular kiln range

Water-struck brick from circular kiln production

The combination of the two elaborate manufacturing processes leads to an impressive result. The end product is a unique, unmistakable brick in wich no one piece is the same as any other. The new product line cannot fail to impress with its particularly striking, robust surface features that generate an expression of intensity and character.

water-struck circular kiln bricks